School sport is an integral part of a child’s development. School Sport comes in many different forms, including; school carnivals, representative sport, multi class/para sport and inter school team sports. Countless lessons can be learnt from participating as an individual or as a team member. Students learn how to deal with success, disappointment and learn to work together as a team. Beyond the physical benefits of sports carnivals there is also the comradery that is formed by being part of a sporting HOUSE – the house colours, the war cries, the house mascots – this builds a feeling of team and community (and a little friendly school rivalry!). Overall, just because your child has Short Stature does not mean they miss out on these experiences.

  • Establish a good connection with the Sports Coordinator or your child’s PE teacher.
  • Identify the Strengths and Weakness of the Short Statured Student. This can be done in PE or outside sport; i.e. can they swim 25m? Can they Run 100m? Is a 1.5 kg Shot Put too heavy?
  • Keep it competitive. Nothing worse than coming last in every race and or not contributing to the house/team points. Below are some ideas on how to include the student and maximise participation.


Method 1:

Tied Place. If applying one of the modifications below; i.e.
shortened Cross Country Race, then Ribbons/Medals should be given if the SS Child finishes in a podium place, let’s say they finish second. A second is given to the SS Student and a Second is given to the student who legitimately ran the whole course and came second. Hence a Tied Place. Still presented in front of peers or however the school normally award awards.

Method 2:

Personal Targets. The PE Teacher/Sports Coordinator may set Targets for the SS Student based on “in class/past performances”. For example Shot Put. The SS will have a Third Place Target of 2m, Second Place Target of 2.50m and First Place Target of 3m. If any standard is achieved they received the medal/ribbon plus relevant house points. However, it is important to note that the student should be challenged and winning a ribbon in every event is not always possible.


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