Press Release from Athletics Australia –

A new partnership between Athletics Australia (AA) and Australia’s national disability sporting organisations is set to help athletes with a disability maximise sporting opportunities available across the country.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) will see the formation of the Athletics Australia Disability Inclusion Group, comprising of AA and the following sporting organisations:

Together, the group will seek to make athletics more accessible for all Australians with a disability through the development and application of new resources, knowledge, education, staffing and other initiatives.

Particular areas of focus for the Athletics Australia Disability Inclusion Group will be to provide a national pathway for athletes to compete through AA sanctioned multi-class events; acknowledge, support and encourage athletes outside of the Paralympic Pathway to participate in events run by or supported by the various organisations; support the Group’s engagement with AA’s Member Associations and encourage school students with a disability through AA’s school programs.

The group will also share resources designed by the Group with athletics community members including coaches, officials, clubs, volunteers, committee members and parents.

Athletics Australia CEO Peter Bromley said the signing of the MOU was a great step forward toward a common goal of improving outcomes for athletes with a disability and making the sport more accessible for the four million people in Australia who live with a disability.

“We are really proud to be signing this MOU today. The partnership between AA and these seven sporting organisations signifies the start of a new era of Para-athletics and will lead to development opportunities from the grassroots level up,” he said.

“Athletics Australia has a goal to grow the sport of athletics into the largest participation sport in Australia, and that includes ensuring we have pathways for all Australians, regardless of age, gender or ability.

“The signing of the MOU will make it easier for athletes with disabilities who want to get involved in athletics and take the next step in the competition pathway and we’re looking forward to seeing this partnership come to life.”

New Year, New You: How Exercise can Improve your Life

New Year, New You: How Exercise can Improve your Life
Exercise is great for all Short Statured People, regardless of age and or ability. Regular exercise can make a big difference to your lifestyle, mental wellbeing and physical health. Whilst most physical activities are achievable by Short Statured People, it is important to know your own body, your own condition and the possible risks associated with YOU. At the end of the day, the benefits will certainly improve your life.

The Benefits: 

Support your Joints:

  • Engaging in physical activity over a sustained period of time can improve bone mineral density, joint flexibility / stability and reduce common issues. We know many Short Statured people can have either quite lax joints and or stiff arthritic joints (predominately in their hips, ankles, elbows and knees). This can cause instability, changes in the range of motion, pain and or joints being extremely flexible. The more involved in regular exercise individuals are, the better the muscle tone around problem areas is maintained, and, therefore, the more stable and supported these joints become.

Sports as a mood-enhancer

  • Sports are generally a positive emotional experience, and being physically active and engaging in sports practices leaves most people feeling better afterwards. When performing physical activity, your heart rate increases which pumps more oxygen to your brain. By exercising regularly you can support your brain health. As you exercise regularly and start to see results, you’ll also notice a boost in confidence levels. As you start to feel good about your progress, it will radiate outward. Whether you’re excited about your weight-loss, your increased strength or new training PB, every small milestone is something to be proud of. Doing something you love and enjoy regularly will provide you with more energy and a lasting feeling of wellbeing.

Supercharge your Metabolism:

  • Weight can be an issue for some people with Short Stature. Keeping weight off and regular exercise can prevent and delay the need for invasive surgery to stabilise back and joint problems. Exercising regularly has shown to boost your metabolism, which is responsible for chemical reactions that occur in your body.

Building a healthy heart

  • Your heart is a muscle and just like the other muscles in your body, it should be worked out. The way to do it is by getting your heart pumping when you work out, especially as you perform cardiovascular exercises such as running, walking, swimming or biking. Start slow, and build up over time. 

Prior to Exercise 

  • If you are returning to exercise, please see your doctor first. Pre-exercise screening is used to identify people with medical conditions that may put them at a higher risk of experiencing a health problem during physical activity. It is a filter or ‘safety net’ to help decide if the potential benefits of exercise outweigh the risks for you. 
  • Many people with achondroplasia and similar condition have a kyphosis or scoliosis of their spine. Constant shock to the back can cause damage to this area. Additionally, Short Statured are at a higher risk for spinal stenosis, which is a pinching of the spinal column caused by having restricted room within the vertebrae for the spinal column to pass through. You should be mindful when considering to partake in High impact sports, sports that place the neck or spine in venerable positions, and or lifting weights. 

WDG 2021: EOI Now Open

WDG 2021: EOI Now Open

Following on from a very successful 2017 World Dwarf Games held in Guelph, Canada the SSPA/SSSA look forward to sending an Australian Team to Germany in 2021 – Dates TBA (August). Representing your country is a privilege and a very proud moment for every short statured athlete. Australia takes great pride in preparing all of our athletes to compete at their best – whether it’s a Gold Medal or a new Personal Best.

2020 SSSA Games: Location

2020 SSSA Games: Location

SSSA is pleased to announce Canberra as the location for the 2020 National Sports Weekend. After a successful move in 2019, the SSSA committee looks forward to growing the event even further in 2020.

📅 Dates: June 5th – 8th 2020 Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend (Ex QLD/WA). 

🏨 Accommodation: Alivio Tourist Park Canberra – Book early to secure the best accommodation. Alternatively, you can stay offsite. 

🏟 Sport Location: Australian Institute of Sport

➡️ 2021 SSSA Games will potentially move from Canberra to warmer weather up north … Stay Tuned. More information to come Early 2020! We look forward to seeing you all next year.

Introducing our New SSSA Committee for 2019/2020

Introducing our New SSSA Committee for 2019/2020

The new Sports Branch (SSSA), is truly an exciting venture that represents the start of a new era in the sport for The Short Statured People of Australia. SSPA has had a proud tradition of providing sporting opportunities for short stature Australians for over 20 years. Now is the chance to build on the success and evolve sporting pathways. The inaugural committee has been proactive in ensuring the branch is up and running to its fullest potential. I would like to take the opportunity to thank the 2018/2019 committee. Tiana Holt, Simon Franklin, Anna Sydenham, Anthony Koedyk, Laura Mladenovic, Michael Thompson, Kobie Donovan, Luke Missen, Michael Spain, and Sam Millard. 

Congratulations to all of the following members elected at our recent AGM in Albury, NSW.

Chairperson (SSPA Elected): Kobie Donovan 
Vice-Chair: Michael Thompson 
Secretary: Samantha Lilly 

Treasurer: Anthony Koedyk 
QLD Representative: Nathan Nass
NSW Representative: Anna Sydenham 
VIC Representative: Luke Missen 
WA Representative: Simon Franklin 

General Committee Members:
Tiana Holt 
Laura Mladenovic 
Sam Millard 
Rachael Johnson

Junior Committee Members:
Holly Palmer
Tori English

As our first year comes to a close, we the new committee are very pleased with the efforts thus far and firmly believe we have set the foundation ready to go forward. We now turn out attention to the, 2020 National Games, 2021 World Dwarf Games and planning for 2025 World Dwarf Games (Australia Hosting). 

2019 SSSA Games

2019 SSSA Games

The AIS will play host to Day 1 of our 2019 National Sports Weekend. The AIS provides superior-quality elite facilities, fantastic onsight tours and only 5 mins from our Accommodation Site. 

SSSA Games Day 1, Saturday 8th June:

Session 1: Soccer ⚽️ & Tag Football ? (AIS Field 1)

Session 2: Basketball ? : AIS Basketball Centre

Session 3: Swimming ?‍♂️ : AIS 25m Swimming Pool 

Registration closes in 14 Days! Get your Rego in today via the online form.

Welcome to the SSSA

Welcome to the SSSA

Welcome to the NEW ERA of Short Statured Sport in Australia. The success of the World Dwarf Games, combined with the enriched history of SSPA Sport, has led to the establishment of the Sports Specific Branch within the Short Statured People of Australia (SSPA). Welcome to the SSSA (Short Statured Sport Australia).

In the future we will set up a seperate web page, but in the meantime the SSSA Facebook Page will provide a platform to, inform, promote, educate, and share short statured sporting opportunities, and sporting moments within Australia. The SSSA, will continue to promote and share the success of the Australia World Dwarf Games Team on the road to Germany in 2021, and Australia 2025. Beyond the World Dwarf Games, the SSSA aim to enhance and grow the already successful sporting program within the SSPA. The Nationals Games are back, and we are looking forward to presenting a brand new National Weekend.

The SSSA is also excited to announce the foundation Committee, voted in at the 2018 SSPA National Convention (Sports Branch AGM).
Kobie Donovan – Chair
Tiana Holt – Secretary
Anthony Koedyk – Treasurer
Simon Franklin – Western Australia Representative,
Laura Mladenovic – Queensland Representative,
Michael Thompson – New South Wales Representative,
Luke Missen – Victoria Representative
Michael Spain – General Council Member
Sam Millard – General Council Member
Anna Sydenham – General Council Member

Overall, expect additional content, new information, new opportunities and all things Short Statured Sport! We hope that you continue to follow us on our journey as we embark on an exciting new era of sport.